Le Cirque du Platzak is an international collective of 13 members talented musicians and young circus artists that met for the first time in Tilburg, the Netherlands.


The combination of live music and circus are already for five years the foundation of the collective. The free family atmosphere that the performances radiate makes the image complete. This atmosphere is created by the different personalities and lifestyles of the artists from the collective, combined with the love for traditional circus, freak shows and folk music. 12 separate characters each with their own opinion but with one goal, a beautiful show.


Never thinking in problems only in solutions.


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more family from the past

Cecilia Manfini
Max Swagemakers
Koen Steenbakker
Martijn van Gemert
Julie Bergez
Robbie van Geel
Kuba Zielinski
Jordy de la Creme
Laura Esposito
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           Wouter Horvers

Max Swagemakers